Chatham-Kent Property Tax Information Service

The Property Tax Information Service enables you to create a subscription account in order to view property details, and if required, create and purchase a Statement of Taxes, for any property within the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The yearly subscription fee for this service is $100.00. The fee for each Statement of Tax is $50.00. Both fees are processed via on-line credit card transactions. Statements of Taxes are available immediately after payment is processed.

The tax billings are generated twice yearly; the second week of February for Interim Tax Bills and again during the second week of July for the Final Tax Bills. For this reason, the data will be reflected differently depending upon the internal tax process for that time of the year.

The Statement of Tax will reflect any payments entered and updated into the tax system as of 5:00 pm of the previous working day; therefore, the data within this service is normally one day old.

Federal tenant tax liability properties and payment-in-lieu billings are not available in this on-line service.

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